1. Do you have experience in my industry?
Probably. Our seasoned advisors have professional experience in and work with clients across most industries, so they bring valuable perspective and can acclimate quickly to the nuances of any industry. The fundamentals of strategy execution and a cohesive leadership team apply regardless of industry.

2. With so many great business writers, why do you focus on Collins, Harnish, and Lencioni?
Jim Collins, Verne Harnish, and Patrick Lencioni are certainly not the only experts on strategy execution and organizational leadership. However, we have found them to be an excellent starting point for our clients. We do occasionally use other philosophically consistent content. Most importantly, we find value in working with a few solid disciplines for an extended period rather than jumping between the latest management fads.

3. Why do you spend so much time with the executive team?
As goes the executive team, so goes the organization. The way executives work together sets the tone for how the entire organization thinks, acts, and communicates. Given the strong personalities and opinions found at the executive level, this can be a challenge. The CEO Advantage is designed to build a cohesive leadership team, so that’s where the majority of our advisors’ time is committed.

4. Why do you focus on the middle market?
Because it’s exciting! Midsize businesses are generally not well known, but they have tremendous impact on our economy. They are typically large enough to have the resources to get things done, but small enough to avoid progress-stifling bureaucracies. We find it very rewarding to help these organizations see significant change in a relatively short period of time (1-3 years).

5. Does “middle market” include not-for-profits?
Yes. “Middle market” is more about number of employees than revenue or tax structure. Not-for-profits encounter the same leadership, systems, and structure issues as for-profit organizations. They still must have an economic engine, and they are still subject to market dynamics. Some CEO Advantage Advisors even specialize in the social sector.

Peter Drucker and Jim Collins have both written about managing social sector organizations.

6. Do you work with organizations in turn-around situations?
Not typically. Though The CEO Advantage process is effective in turnarounds, these situations are best handled by firms who specialize in them. 

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