The Executive Team TuneUp
We have a bias toward action, and you experience it right out of the gate. After an Exploratory Dialogue, all clients begin with The Executive Team TuneUp, a five-hour session with the executive team where they:

  • Learn the characteristics of top performing organizations and the barriers that hinder their growth.
  • Understand the foundational tools, methodologies, and concepts of The CEO Advantage™.
  • Identify and set accountabilities for their #1 and top 3 company priorities for the next 90 days.
  • Establish the meeting rhythm that is so critical to strategy execution.
  • Are introduced to the One Page Translator, the tool that captures strategic vision on one page.

Again, we don’t bog you down with assessments. We are action-oriented from the start. We may do some assessments later, but you will quickly sense our affinity for simple disciplines that yield short-term results while building long-term greatness.

Unconditional Guarantee!
The Executive Team TuneUp™ is a high-impact, value-delivered session.  Following the session, if you do not feel it delivered the value promised, you pay only what you think it was actually worth. . . even if that's zero!

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